Low profile, high quality, decorative, cold headed, steel cap. Matches finish and dimensions for use with Connector Bolt.


Cross Dowels are made of steel for strength, but very competitive in price. High torque values provide a secure joint at right angle connections with bolts. A slot in outer surface eases alignment with the bolt. Dowel and bolt ideal for connections requiring high strength values.

I Insert

Closed end, low profile head that can be plated, painted or stained for a highly decorative appearance. Can be molded into plastic parts like knobs and handles to provide a quality metal insert that will not rust.

HFW Rivet Nuts

Offer the ultimate retention for plastic, soft materials or components where pushout is a concern. The Rivet T-Nut also offers a lead funnel to align bolts for improved thread engagement.

E Insert

Similar to the Type D but without the flange. This design can be used to bottom in hole, to be set below surface or on curved surfaces or to join two components. The Type E also provides high retention values.

D Insert

The flange allows the user to control depth and to set the insert straight in the material. The unique tapered external thread design with memory grooves assures positive locking resistance against pull out due to torsion or vibration. High retention values in blind, end and edge grain applications account for the popularity of this style insert.

B Insert

Coarse external teeth and flange offer good retention and stability. Type B Inserts are especially good in speaker baffle and leveler applications.

BB bolt

Dome head bolt in high quality for same application as BE-bolts. These bolts have a 5 mm hex drive, which is equal to cap nuts. Head diameter also matches cap nuts.

4 Prong T-Nut

T-Nuts are an economical method of fastening a metal mechanism to a component that is made of wood, plastic, particleboard, or pressboard or for anchoring wooden components to each other. 4 Prong T-Nuts can be used in hard and soft woods